Here are some photos I exhibited in the WAM (Windows Art Malden) over the last few years.


Today we had our office event, the first one this year (2007).  Being part of the events committee I got to do all the fun stuff of planning and organizing it.  This year we wanted to
do something different and decided to go for a scavenger hunt! I remember we used to play treasure hunt back in the school days, it used to be so much fun…ohh childhood memories!  But of course, being 32 weeks pregnant, it really didn’t make all that sense for me to be running around the mall collecting stuff  (our office is located above a mall, perfect place don’t you think? 😉 ) We had decided to hold the event in and around the office itself,  at the end of the hunt everybody was to report to the judges at Champions (a bar conveniently located in the Copley mall).  Of course everyone wanted to participate which left myself and another very pregnant coworker to be the judges. Fun indeed, as long as neither one of us went into labor!

It was really an exciting evening, the teams were very competitive, we had 5 captains and 5 team members each. A few of them decided to only join in for drinks after the hunt.  All teams were given a color, so the events committee decided to get them t-shirts to match their team color. The list consisted of approx 75 to collect/do items. Here are some of
the interesting ones – a lipstick kiss from a stranger (boy where all the guys happy to get this task done 😉  of course one of them claimed that a lady was more than willing to help and seemed more excited than him and really wanted to help out …yeah rite,  like we buy that story!

We had given the teams an  hour and a half to complete as many tasks as possible.  In the mean time myself, and my 36 week preg coworker were at the bar along with a few senior
members of the team, who decided to give us company.  It was quite a scene indeed to see 2 ladies with really huge  bellies sitting at a bar! And to add to this, a TV person with a video cam was filming us! oh my gosh…now that’s the last thing we want..to be on national TV..with headlines that read..’Pregnant women partying at a bar’!! That is not my idea of becoming famous.  My boss was trying to hide from the camera..and she said if they come to you..say ‘No thanks’ but of course..the guy was smart..he knew we’d not agree..he stayed at a distance and kept filming away..while we tried to hide behind the tall glasses of water..and the big bowl of nachos.   Once the game was over, it was quite a task to score each team to announce the winner..that was indeed the fun part..to watch each team argue in a friendly way to justify each other..at the end of the day i was as tired as the players themselves, who would have thought sitting around at the bar could be tiring! And NO neither of us preg ladies went into labor..too bad for that, the TV guys would have got an awesome news headline..hehe

Arvin’s sweet tooth

My colleague had once told me while I was pregnant that I should go out to all the restaurants I could before the baby showed up.   I didn’t realize how true her words were until Arvin was born and it took us about a year and a half to finally go out to a family dinner.  While we were there, he’d let us have a couple of spoonfuls before he’d start squeeling and get eveyone’s attention.  But ‘Pongal’ experience was quite different.  The waiters there were really friendly and it helped that they were from the same city back home as we were, so they spoke Tamil as well.  When Arvin started acting up, one nice guy picked him up back to the counter and brought a very chirpy Arvin back.  That was it, the rest of the dinner was eaten in peace!  So how come you ask? well, the waiter had given Arvin a lollipop and this was the first time he had ever had one.  You should have seen the look on his face!  It’s funny how kids can identify candy even if they have never seen it before in their life.  It’s like an inborn quality.  I managed to take a few pics from my iphone.  Before I knew it, he had chomped down on all the candy, too bad I didn’t have a video camera 🙂 The next time we went out to a diner’s for breakfast, we didn’t even have to try.  Arvin knew just what he wanted.  Smuckers strawberry jam!  We knew we had a *sweet* kid then on 😉

It’s taken me forever to start this blog..I had been waiting for the right moment, I don’t know what I was thinking..we know that never happens!  I even created this account 3 years ago, wow talk about procrastinating huh!  Anyway, I’ve been keeping my personal diary up to date, just never got around to publishing it.  Here is what I had typed up and would have posted around the first week of May 2007 (You’ll know why I remember the exact week in a minute).  Here goes..


With my 7th MS course (masters in computer science at Boston University) out of the way and two more weeks for my maternity leave, I figured it was now or never.  I’ve always enjoyed writing since my childhood.  In school, it was more of poetry and essays, never really had the creative head for writing stories though.

7 years have past since school (School – in India would mean until High School, but in the US it is used for school/college, it took me a while to get used to the terminology) and here I am today part of the industry that brought about the 8 letter magic word that has become an entity in our daily lives the ‘Internet’! Ofcourse, I’ve not been able to devote as much time to my hobbies but nevertheless am enjoying doing what I do everyday.  Hoping that someday that I’ll be able to balance it all..this is an attempt (one of many) at doing just that.

Technology has grown so much in the past 2 decades or so.  I remember the first time in high school where my dad sent me to private classes so I could learn ‘Lotus’, word etc. I was
very proud to actually type out my poetry and hand printouts to my friends and teachers.   The other use of the PC then for me was of course for Pac Man 😀 for those of your who remember the earliest version of the addictive game.  Then there were others, parachute jumper, trooper etc.  Never did I dream of becoming an IT person back then!

To conclude my intro here (before I go offtrack, which I am well known for, so be prepared people!) thanks to blogging we get to share interesting experiences and thoughts from anyone and everyone…which makes this all the more fun. So her I am finally, joining the clan as well, better late than never rite?